Thursday, 28 January 2016

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Living The New Wellness Paradigm - Wealth Means Nothing Without Good Health - Healthy Living Combines With Prospects For Real Estate Investment - Health Is Wealth

Health Is The New Wealth: Living The New Wellness Paradigm ...


As I was growing up, my mom always told me wealth means NOTHING without good health. Truly enjoying your financial and personal successes count for less when you are not in the best of health.

Best Places to Pursue Health and Real Estate Wealth | AOL Real ...

Here are 12 places where healthy living combines with prospects for good real estate investment.

Health is wealth - Uncommon Forum


This is the proverb that we are coming across since our childhood. Yes it's true Health is wealth. Without health there is no wealth. We should take care of our health and live a healthy life.


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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ease Back Pain With Acupuncture - What Have You Learned - Bulk Up On Content

Learn How North York Acupuncture Helps Ease Back Pain Without ...


Acupuncture is an ancient practice that is based on Chinese medicine with the belief that the flow of energy within the body needs to be balanced to prevent disturbances in function. There are hundreds of people who have ...

Learnist 30 Day Challenge | Grockit


Summer's here. Days pass quickly. What have you learned? Are there things you keep meaning to learn but never quite get to? Have you passionately develop.

Learning about Learnist |


Farb Nivi Founder of Grockit and Learnist Victor: You've got a lot going on these days! What drives you purpose wise as you move forward with Learnist? Farb: The history of technology has been to continually unleash more ...

To Bulk Up on Content, Learnist Aims at RSS Feeds - Mike Isaac ...


Content, content everywhere. Ed-tech startup Learnist wants creators to submit it to the site, via RSS.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Truth About Fat Burning Foods - Make Rose Petals Your New Health And Beauty Prescription - Probiotics Give Radiant Health & Skin

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods | Beauty Health Fitness

This website will help you find all the answers to questions about health, beauty and fitness. We offer only the best training courses, e-books, video and audio materials. Improve Your Life Right Now with our website.

Make Rose Petals Your New Health and Beauty Prescription | The ...


An article to help the world write a lot less pill prescriptions and plant a lot more rose bushes! The delicate rose is one of the most potent health-building gifts from Nature.

Six reasons probiotics will give you radiant health and beauty


Six reasons probiotics will give you radiant health and beauty.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Farmers Increase Use Of Pesticides - Homemade Mosquito Antiflea Repellant - Eat Your Way Out Of A Hangover - 15 Foods That Kill Belly Fat - Essential Oils Are Effective Treatment For Damaged And Sensitive Skin

Natural Cures Not Medicine: Farmers using more pesticides as ...


Natural Cures Not Medicine on Facebook: As plant and agriculture biotechnology is advancing, so too are the pests which these technologies are aimed at preventing. In a natural ...

Natural Cures Not Medicine: Homemade Mosquito/Ant/Flea Repellant


Natural Cures Not Medicine on Facebook: Gardening and crime don't really so... Evidence That Cannabis is The Most Nutritional Vegetable in The World. Today has been slightly ...

Natural Cures: Eat Your Way Out of a Hangover - Care2 Healthy Living


Eating certain foods has a lot of power and effect when it comes to curing hangover and restoring health after a night of drinking.

Natural Cures Not Medicine: 15 Foods That Kill Belly Fat


15 of the best foods to beat the bulge. Lose weight naturally. It's easy.

Natural Cures for Eczema, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin and Psoriasis


Essential oils and natural botanicals are effective treatments for damaged and sensitive skin conditions. There are several natural extracts to choose from with powerful anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative healing ...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

BACTERAL - The Best Of Probiotics And Colon Cleansing Sweeps Out Bad Bacteria

Care For Your Colon And Increase Your Life Span

Thanks to harmful chemicals in our food, water and medicine, most of us have guts that are overrun with bad bacteria. Your are at risk whether you are young or old, heavy or slender, fit or frail. Today the average person walks around with up to 15 pounds of rotting, germ-filed waste in their colons.

90% of all illnesses start from a clogged colon. 60% of our immune cells are in our colon so when our colon isn’t working right our whole body is at risk as our colon is our body’s first line of defence against germs, viruses, parasites, poisons and infections. A large percent of the body’s immune system is found in the digestive tract, and the colon is at the heart of it. This means colon or digestive problems can have a significant health effect.

Inside healthy colons are billions of good bacteria which support our immune system, they overcome the bad elements before they have a chance to do damage. But today’s toxins and pollutants kill the good bacteria in us and decrease our ability to fight off disease. When our immune system is broken, it leaves us vulnerable for all sorts of health problems throughout our body.

There are some well known facts that is an urgent incentive to take action to rid your colon of all the bad bacteria which causes a build up of sticky faecal matter , pockets of germs and viruses, toxin overload and parasites. Imagine how you will feel with all those pounds of built-up mass of toxic faecal waste – gone!

These are precise facts that can be the cause of serious bowel problems: Antibiotics kill off both bad and beneficial bacteria – Chlorinated water damages friendly bacteria – Children born via C-section don’t get the normal dose of mother’s good flora – Antacids lower the acidity of the colon, which drives out good flora – Diets rich in refined carbohydrates and sugars enhance the growth of bad bacteria – Hormones decrease micro flora populations – Steroids decrease probiotic counts – Stress can cause beneficial bacteria to dwindle – People 60 years and over have 1,000 times less good flora than younger ones according to the UK’s University of Reading – Cities have more than their fair share of toxic, flora-harming chemicals.

Intake of Vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed without the right intestinal flora to aid its benefits to our body.

What we need to combat the bad bacteria in our systems is Probiotics which fight sickness. Research has proved that the therapeutic benefit of probiotics has exploded in the last several years with accumulating evidence that they prevent and treat many challenging medical conditions. The Scientists of Swiss Labs have developed a breakthrough supplement that can end this colon-based epidemic. BACTERAL has been evaluated by Doctors of Nutrition, Herbalist and Certified Pharmacist as the very best and second to none for its potency and effectiveness

Try BACTERAL it will end your digestive nightmares, and clear out your colon and restore the healthy bowel function that brings with it a great sense of well being and energy. BACTERAL combines the best of probiotics and colon cleansing and can end many colon disorders, its sweeps out bad bacteria from your digestive tract, and keeps the bad flora from returning, with maximum effectiveness. BACTERAL is the only probiotic that can set your health right. So get on the BACTERAL band wagon Today!